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  • Amplify your already impressive offline success in the NYC commercial real estate market,
  • Establish a commanding online presence,
  • Digitizing your existing materials,
  • Leveraging our innovative marketing strategies,
  • Propel you past online competitors and
  • Secure your position as the leading figure in NYC real estate.
Be Seen on Every Major Online News Platform:

We understand the value of your work, and we want to showcase that value to the world.

Here, we present two of your impressive transactions >>

One Page Case Studies

  • 21 Penn Plaza: This 16-story, Class B office building located in the heart of Manhattan’s Penn Plaza district was sold for $244,000,000. Our case study highlights the unique aspects of this transaction and the significant value you brought to it.
    Read about 21 Penn Plaza here


  • The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York Portfolio: A $685,000,000 transaction that included a blockfront site in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood and the world headquarters of The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York Inc. This is a testament to your expertise and ability to handle complex, high-stake transactions.
    Read about the Watchtower NY Portfolio here
Online Strategy for Ultimate Brand Exposure

Display Ads

You’ll find a collection of carefully crafted display ads, combining compelling copy and sharp design. These ads are designed to captivate viewers, pique their interest, and lead them directly to your services.

Global Exposure: Reach a wide audience with our distribution network spanning over 580+ media outlets, including top-tier media platforms like Yahoo! News, Bloomberg, AsiaOne, MarketWatch, and more.

Brand Awareness: Generate massive publicity for your brand with our established audience. Our press releases let people know who you are and what you’re offering, right when it matters most.

Website Authority: Solidify your website’s authority with links from top-tier media outlets. Our press releases syndicate your publication to thousands of sources at once, instantly boosting your link potential.

Boost Sales and Traffic: Amplify your marketing strategy and scale your brand’s profit. Our press releases are a cost-effective way to reach new buyers in markets you may not have considered before, building credibility and attracting potential clients.

Targeted Syndication: Our press releases aren’t just distributed widely—they’re targeted precisely where they’ll make the most impact. We syndicate through tens of thousands of developers, real estate attorneys, architects, designers, brokers, and government agencies both in NYC and nationwide. This ensures exposure to NYC real estate owners and foreign buyers, maximizing the potential audience for your properties. We believe that press releases are an underutilized tool for marketing properties for sale. While few brokers take advantage of this strategy, we’ve found it to be incredibly effective for our clients.

Together, these features make our press release services a unique and powerful tool for dominating the NYC real estate market.


Sample Press Coverage

Cogent Realty on Yahoo

This press release showcases how Cogent Realty leveraged their expertise to provide commercial business solutions.Featured on Yahoo Finance, it reaches a wide audience of finance professionals and business owners, increasing brand awareness and industry credibility.

Servcorp on Digital Journal

Featured on Digital Journal, this press release highlights Servcorp's commitment to providing superior workspace solutions. The feature on a well-known digital platform amplified their reach, enhancing brand visibility and reputation in the market.

Servcorp on Yahoo News

This press release on Yahoo News details Servcorp's expansive growth and dedication to innovative workspace solutions. It's placement on a globally recognized news platform helped boost Servcorp's industry presence and market outreach.

Harnessing the Power of Online Reviews

Online Reputation Management

Online reviews are a critical aspect of a business’s online reputation. They provide prospective clients with a sense of the business’s credibility and the quality of services offered. In the commercial real estate sector, positive reviews can significantly boost a business’s image and help in attracting more clients.

Review Solicitation

Encouraging satisfied clients to leave positive reviews. Creating easy channels for clients to provide feedback.

Review Response

Professional responses to both positive and negative reviews showcasing your business's commitment to customer satisfaction. Addressing concerns raised in negative reviews and showcasing improvements.

Review Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of online reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and industry-specific review sites. Prompt alerts for new reviews allowing for timely responses.

Review Analysis

Analyzing reviews to glean insights on areas of improvement. Tracking review ratings over time to measure the impact of ORM efforts.

Reporting and Insights

Monthly reporting on review volume, ratings, and trends. Insights on how online reputation management efforts are impacting your business.

Empowering Local Search with Google Business Profile

In the world of real estate, location is everything. It’s not just about where the property is, it’s about where your business stands in the digital landscape. That’s where our expertise with Google Business Profile comes in. We leverage GBP to put your business on the map, literally, ensuring it appears prominently when potential clients search for relevant services in your area.

Take Servcorp as an example. Prior to our partnership, Servcorp’s listing for office space at the World Trade Center was struggling to gain visibility. With our innovative approach and rigorous optimization, Servcorp now proudly ranks #1 in GBP for ‘office space World Trade Center’. This is not a one-off success, but a testament to our tried and tested methodologies.

By utilizing the full potential of GBP, we can:

  1. Boost Local Visibility: By optimizing your GBP, we ensure your business is the first thing potential clients see when they search for real estate services in your area.

  2. Increase Engagement: GBP allows us to showcase your business with photos, reviews, and essential information, encouraging potential clients to engage directly with your listing.

  3. Drive Traffic: A well-managed GBP can significantly increase both website and physical traffic, delivering potential clients right to your doorstep.

The accompanying screenshots provide a glimpse of the transformation we’ve achieved for Servcorp. We’re excited to deliver the same outstanding results for Bob Knakal, positioning you at the forefront of NYC’s commercial real estate market.


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Reviews enhance news articles & case studies

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of enhancing your online presence. 

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Before & After development provides additional online opportunities

Why an Online Presence Matters

Having a robust online presence is crucial in today’s digital age, especially in the highly-competitive market of New York City.  It complements and amplifies your existing reputation and offline marketing efforts. By partnering with us, you’ll gain access to a world of digital opportunities that can take your brand to new heights.

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